Invention and Creativity

It all begins with the irrepressible inventive drive of the founder Pio Chiaruttini and with the hope for the future after World War II. It was 1949 when the DèPio (“of Pio”) hosiery factory was founded in Botticino in what was becoming the men’s hosiery district.

It is Mr. Chiaruttini who patented various improvements to the circular machines used for the production of socks and it is to him that we owe the patent for the elastic knit in the sock. A fundamental and revolutionary invention for the sector, such as to decree the end of the use of the garter.

In the following years he was joined by his daughter Mary, from whose artistic training and strong creativity the factory found new impetus by producing the first highly appreciated women’s collections.

Today the factory, led by Mary and her children, Elisabetta and Giordano, represents a market niche of the highest quality, relentless research and maximum artistic expression.

Tradition, passion, quality, and art for DèPio are not mere words, but the peculiarities that best interpret the production philosophy and the mood of its collections.

The inspiring Values


That has its roots in the experience and in the processing techniques handed down, with a look at the evolution of trends.


For the ability to ``do well`` typical of authentic Italian craftsmanship, based on attention to detail and product quality.


In the careful selection of materials and in the manufacturing and finishing process of the various products, which takes place strictly within the company.


As sources of inspiration for the continuous stylistic research and artistic application, but also as the final result: artful socks.

The Collections ... narrated by the Family

…I couldn't live without enjoying the beauty of art and good music. They have always been a source of inspiration for me to design the collections.
I am proud of the origins of our brand and as per tradition we continue in research and singularity, which allow us to create items characterized by high quality and generous colors.
Chic Appeal is our pride: it represents the exclusivity of our technical and artistic experimentation. We are often forerunners of trends and pioneers in the use of innovative raw materials. Our women's collections are unique pieces to be displayed as jewels.
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